About us

Delivering critical and meaningful cybersecurity services and support to small and mid-sized businesses; this is what we do every day at Ihloom. Founded by industry veterans Garrett Brown and Todd Mitchell, the Ihloom staff has over 20 years of on-the-ground information technology and cybersecurity experience working with companies throughout the country.

Recognizing the critical gap between newly available cybersecurity technologies and the expertise and support to effectively deploy them, Garrett and Todd assembled a team of experts dedicated to providing businesses like yours the services and support they need to effectively protect themselves.

Ihloom provides customized cybersecurity services to businesses of all sizes in myriad industries. We interface seamlessly with existing IT teams to take the burden of cybersecurity program management and distracting SOC alerts off of their plate. We also have the service know-how to deploy best-in-breed security products to small businesses who handle their own technology needs without a dedicated IT resource.

Our Team

At Ihloom, you’ll find a team of smart (we like to say “bright”), experienced, and dedicated cybersecurity professionals who understand your business security needs and have the right suite of solutions to protect you from outside threats.

Read more about the services we provide, then rest easy — we’ve got you covered.

Garrett Brown

President and Cybersecurity Evangelist

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Todd Mitchell

Chief Financial Officer

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Jeremy Loudon

Principal, Security and Advisory Services / Director of Business Operations

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John Marczak

Client Security & Services Liaison

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