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As a biotechnology company, the intellectual property you handle is sacred, whether it’s your own or if you are acting as a contract lab handling testing for another firm. No matter where you are in the supply chain, you have a duty to protect this information; it is quite literally the lifeblood of your business. If your company has investors, you have an added duty to protect their financial interests and ensure that your company’s data and systems are secured.

We all know IT is a cost center for your business, and you want to be efficient with your spending. Partnering with Ihloom helps you take a surgical approach to tackle your cybersecurity and compliance challenges. Instead of spending time and money vetting multiple products in each category, hoping they meet regulatory requirements, then determining how best to deploy them, Ihloom can guide you through every step, providing proven results and predictable costs along the way.

The modern threat landscape requires a proactive approach to cyber security. Gone are the days of simply installing antivirus software on machines hoping to keep your network safe. A multi-layered approach is needed, ensuring your data is protected in a wider variety of circumstances. More importantly, cyber protection needs to be in place even before you recognize that a threat exists; by that time, it has likely been weaponized and must be mitigated immediately. 

A holistic cybersecurity approach seeks to uncover potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, stays a step ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats, and continually reevaluates your cybersecurity protocols to ensure they are meeting your needs effectively.


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At Ihloom, we help you select, launch, and maintain a suite of effective cybersecurity tools that ensures your IP is protected and that your customers’ compliance standards are met.