What do I do if something goes wrong?

An alert comes in. Now, what do you do? Great cybersecurity tools are a start. But if you don’t know how to best proceed, alerts provide little benefit.

It’s easy to become tone-deaf to the many alerts cybersecurity tools generate. Ihloom is your partner to cut through the noise and help you to know when to respond and make timely decisions to address real threats to your systems. Our tools can help detect and respond to compromise and stop attacks in their tracks, getting your business back up and running.

Main services

Endpoint Threat Detection & Response

  • Endpoint protection is still a critical part of defending against security threats
  • AI-based threat engine helps identify zero-day attacks and APTs
  • Configure device control policies to further protect your workforce and reduce the risk of attack or data loss via external devices such as USB drives

Advanced Server Backup

  • When maximum uptime is desired, our solution provides system snapshots as frequent as every hour with local failover and cloud-based disaster recovery

Cloud-Based Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Meet RPO and RTO goals in the event of a disaster
  • If all else fails, a backup of your critical data is paramount to getting back to business