Cyber Hygiene

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Keeping systems up-to-date is one of the surest and simplest ways to stay secure. Both CISA and the FBI have recommended that organizations place an increased priority on patching their endpoints to mitigate increasing risks from state actors and organized crime.

You might have automatic updates enabled, but do you know what machines are patched at any given moment? The process is more complex than it seems, complicated by machine reboots, user interruptions, and failing updates.

Even on a fully patched system, human error is still a factor.  Combining patch management with security awareness training is a powerful way to ensure your staff stay protected anywhere they are – in the office or working from home.

If you’ve spent time working on your asset inventory and already have your endpoints locked down, that’s great – but do you know what isn’t yours that’s on your network? Regular network vulnerability can perform a valuable service by auditing your network to ensure rogue devices aren’t lurking, and to make sure your security controls are performing as you expect them to.

Main services

Network and Website vulnerability scanning

  • Vulnerability scanning lets you see what hackers can take advantage of if they gain access to your network and provides a crucial check on your network and endpoint configurations
  • Changes over time, misconfigurations, and new technology often leave network and websites open to attack when often we didn’t even know we left the “windows” open.
  • Ihloom scanning services can help identify problems before attackers do. Internal and external network scanning provides a way to check corporate networks, look for changes over time, and ensure attackers don’t find opportunities before you do.
  • Your website is, at a minimum, the face of your businesses. Downtime or compromise can mean loss of credibility, risk of exposing sensitive information, and service disruption. Ihloom is your second set of eyes, constantly on the lookout for vulnerabilities to prevent downtime.

Security Awareness Training

  • Your staff is both your first and last line of defense from one of the most prevalent cyber attacks facing your company – phishing.
  • Training team members to identify and appropriately report suspicious behavior is critical to securing your business.
  • Ihloom provides continuous training and awareness programs, which are critical to keeping staff engaged and aware of the most current and always-evolving tactics used by hackers.


  • Ensure all of your devices stay up-to-date with automatic OS and 3rd-party patching for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices
  • Cloud-based application protects your on-site and remote endpoints
  • Enforce security policies such as disk encryption, locked screensavers, and strong passwords.

Cyber Hygiene Best Practices Services

Maintaining the cyber health of your business is vital. Ihloom Cybersecurity provides cyber hygiene services to businesses of all sizes. Our services help protect your organization’s assets and network.

What Is Cyber Hygiene?

Cyber hygiene is the practice of protecting and maintaining the security and health of hardware, software, and IT infrastructure. Just as you perform regular daily hygiene to maintain your personal health, there are tasks that you should perform regularly to maintain the health of your data and devices. These include installing security patches, performing internal and external network vulnerability scans, and maintaining a security awareness training program for your employees. Performing these tasks regularly will help ensure your systems are protected from security breaches and more.

What We Do

Ihloom Cybersecurity is a cyber security company that aims to help businesses stay secure and protected. We develop the perfect cyber hygiene plan for your business according to your needs. Our cyber hygiene plans include automated patch management services, a fully managed security awareness training program, network scanning services to identify vulnerabilities and issues before they become a problem, and reviewing your security policies to maintain compliance with security best practices and industry regulations. We also help monitor your technology and respond to any cyber security threats we identify.


Preventing cybercriminals from stealing personal information or installing malware is an ongoing battle. Your business should include a set of workflows and practices to define your cyber security hygiene routine. Some of these practices include:
  • Keeping an inventory of hardware and software on company devices.
  • Routine security awareness training and testing of users’ ability to spot phishing emails.
  • Identifying vulnerable applications that aren’t in use and disabling them.
  • Consistently backing up data in multiple locations.
  • Identifying unpatched systems and software and patching them as quickly as possible.
If a successful cyber attack occurs, good cyber hygiene practices will help to limit the damage that can be caused and increase the effectiveness of your incident response plan. When combined with other security solutions like breach monitoring and endpoint detection and response, these practices will allow the implementation of a defense-in-depth security program.

Let Ihloom Cybersecurity Handle All Your Cyber Hygiene Needs

Our cyber security company offers reliable cyber security solutions to businesses big and small. Ihloom Cybersecurity has three plans to choose from, or we can create a customized plan to suit your needs. Each plan comes with world-class implementation and remediation support, security and compliance coaching services, and a security gap assessment to ensure you are fully protecting your network and devices.


What we do

We offer personalized services

Our security solutions can be customized to each of our clients’ specific needs.  Contact Us to learn more!