Cyber Hygiene

We like to keep things clean around here!

Keeping systems up-to-date is one of the surest and simplest ways to stay secure. In 2020, CISA and the FBI both recommended that organizations place an increased priority on patching to mitigate increasing risks from state actors and organized crime.

You might have automatic updates turned on, but do you know what machines are patched at any given moment? The process is more complex than it seems, complicated by machine reboots, user interruptions, and failing updates.

Even on a fully patched system, human error is still a factor.  Combining patch management with security awareness training is a powerful way to ensure your staff stay protected anywhere they are – in the office or working from home.

Main services

Network and Website vulnerability scanning

  • Regular scanning is a key component of success. Changes over time, misconfiguration, and new technology often leave network and websites open to attack when often we didn’t even know we left the “windows” open.
  • Ihloom scanning services can help identify problems before attackers do. Internal network scanning provides a way to check corporate networks, look for changes over time, and ensure attackers don’t find opportunities before you do.
  • Your website is, at a minimum, the face of your businesses. Downtime or compromise can mean loss of credibility, risk of exposing sensitive information, and service disruption. Ihloom is your second set of eyes, constantly on the lookout for vulnerabilities to prevent downtime.

Security Awareness Training

  • Your staff is your first line of defense from one of the most prevalent cyber attacks facing your company – phishing.
  • Training team members to identify and appropriately report suspicious behavior is critical to securing your business.
  • Ihloom provides continuous training and awareness programs, which are critical to keeping staff engaged and aware of the most current and always-evolving tactics used by hackers.

Patch & Policy Management

  • Consolidated reporting and automatic OS and 3rd party patching for your Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops and servers, in the office or working from home.
  • Policy scripts are available to enforce compliance with industry regulations and security best practices.