When The Cloud Becomes Cloudy

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Breach Monitoring, Cyber hygiene, Remediation, Small Business | 0 comments

An international footwear manufacturer and distributor was using Dropbox for corporate file storage. Ransomware had made its way onto several key employee computers through email-born malware. The antivirus software in use, although up-to-date, was unable to stop the attack. As the ransomware traversed the network from computer to computer, the ransomware payload encrypted computer drives and several key servers. When administrators had gone into Dropbox, they were alarmed to discover the ransomware had affected all the previous versions in key Dropbox shares making Dropbox recovery impossible. Good user training and system monitoring may have helped avoid or limit the impact of this attack. The attack was initiated by a user opening an email attachment from a trusted sender and was launched and disseminated from compromised email accounts within the organization. The business was down for over a week and lost critical business documents that were unrecoverable.

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