A Cautionary Tale

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Breach Monitoring, Cyber hygiene, Remediation, Small Business | 0 comments

A national public media company did not have monitoring in place with distributed networks across the country and was not using Ihloom services. Hackers were able to infiltrate key IT systems and accounts. They moved laterally from one system to another over several weeks cementing their access and control of the system in multiple sites. There were clues that something was going on; the antivirus solution had picked up some hacking attempts and reported on new devices being added to the domain. However, because no effective monitoring was in place, IT administrators had no idea what was taking place right under their noses. The perpetrators were able to lay in wait and execute a sophisticated Ransomware attack at just the right time for maximum impact. The victim had up-to-date backups, but it took several weeks to bring systems back online and ensure the networks’ integrity. If appropriate monitoring was in place, this attack likely could have been avoided saving millions of dollars in lost productivity, cleanup costs, and lost shareholder value.

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